Work Motivation and How to Inspire Employees

You don’t need to sell what an effect work motivation can be to a team on a project. When you consider improved morale, lower turnover and an increase in production leading to higher profits, it’s impossible to imagine motivation in the work place being a low priority.

You could hire an office coach to come in and through a seminar attempt to inspire work motivation via a quote or a simple speech, but as a manager there are things you can do on a daily basis that will sustain work motivation indefinitely; let’s go over a few.

You Are An Example


You are a walking, talking, breathing example of how to be treated. That is to say, how you act and work determines largely how others perceive and treat you. You can set a good example by being excited about your own job; this enthusiasm is infectious and fun to be around so you are sure to attract your team to improved work motivation and job satisfaction.

One cannot remain motivated without a clear goal and you can help your team with effective management. Make clear the goals and expectations you have in measurable time; say “in one month I would like our team to streamline our brainstorming sessions.” This way when something is achieved, there is clear motivation to succeed again since the feeling of success is addictive.

Share Some Power

This is often challenging if you’re very hands on with your own work motivation theories, but you can also motivate your employees by giving them a say in how they do their job. You needn’t give them unlimited power, but by putting a system in place that can help them decide their future you can motivate them to achieve more. Ask them for an opinion on what the office can do to improve and listen to what they have to say. At the same time you can also offer opportunities for personal growth.

Employee incentives can be a great way to motivate your team and encourage them to repay you through working harder.

One theory on work motivation is if you dictate then you limit growth, if you guide you encourage expansion. Offer seminars and training that might interest your staff, they will more than likely take the opportunity to learn something new themselves which will empower them and aid confidence.

Reward Good Work

One of the most important aspects of effective motivation and work performance upgrades is the ability to praise good work in such a way that the employee will want to achieve again in order to receive such praise again; as I mentioned earlier, success is addictive. Whether you offer verbal affirmation or rewards and incentives, there are many different ways that you can offer work motivation through praise and they almost always do the trick.

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