Using mobile task management apps to manage your workload

Mobile Task Management

The to-do list is an essential workload managing tool without which any form of time management is lost. Many people have upgraded from the traditional paper to-do list (post-it notes) to a desktop based app that can be synced with email accounts and calendars. This is all very well but what about when you are away from your desk? Step in the mobile to-do list app!

Managers are very busy people and need a system in place to help effectively manage their time. It is well worth looking into a mobile to-do list as a way of continuing your time and people management when away from the office.

Why use a mobile to-do list?

The importance of a portable to-do list all comes down to functionality on the move but here are the best features from a variety of apps -

  • Create tasks on the go – if you’re on the move but think of something that needs doing it is easy to create a new task on many apps which can then be shared with others. Lose the risk of forgetting the task by the time you get to a computer or the impracticality of getting out a laptop on the move.
  • Location based alerts – many mobile apps use location based alerts. This is a very useful tool as reminders are effective if you are at a location that you can fulfil your task. Examples include reminding you of picking up milk when passing a supermarket and office based tasks when you are close to work.
  • Syncing with your computer – the best way to keep everything organised is to sync everything. By syncing your desktop task manager with your email, calendar and mobile task manager you will always be aware of what needs doing
  • Sharing with others – many mobile task managers give you the option to share your tasks with others so that once you’ve created a task you can send it to someone else to complete while keeping track of it yourself.
  • Organisation – the best feature of the apps and the most important is the new power of organisation given to a task manager. For each task you can set start dates, end dates, how long the task will take, schedule reminders, prioritise your tasks and organise your tasks into lists and sub-lists. If your tasks are this organised think of the impact on managing your workload!

Lifehacker has compiled a list of the top five Mobile To-Do List Managers so have a look to see which would benefit you. These range in price and functionality but all would have a positive impact on a heavy workload.

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