Top 7 Business Apps for iPad

When running a business it is crucial to be able to work on the go. With some impressive iPad apps you can keep working on the way to a meeting, moving between sites or on a business trip. These apps are also useful as a way of having an extra screen to your desktop for doing business. As these business apps show, the mobile development market is huge at the moment and yet there are still only a few specialised app developers making a lot of money.

1. Roambi Analytics Visualizer


iPad Apps for Business
Roambi’s immersive dashboard-style analytics help you to make, examine and share all the bits of company information on any iPhone or iPad, with which you can have an eye on your business every time.

2. CNBC Real-Time for iPad


iPad Business Apps

Enjoy the information of CNBC on your iPad with the CNBC Real Time for iPad free app. This app gives you market time real time stock quotes from 4am to 8pm directly from NYSE and NASDAQ. For Real-Time & Historical Interactive Charts, it offers custom timeframes from one day to 5 years, including pre & post market trading.

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3. MicroStrategy Mobile for iPad


iPad Business Apps

You can now send any reports, presentations, documents, KPI’s, and dashboard directly to your employees and clients with MicroStrategy Mobile for iPad. MicroStrategy is an app that helps you take decisions in context with your company anywhere you are. You can inspect your business data or projects on the iPad App with graphs, charts, multitouch tables, maps, dynamic dashboard, documents, etc.

4. E-Trade Mobile Pro for iPad2


Business Apps for iPad

With E-Trade Mobile Pro for iPad enjoy trading as and when you want on the go. This app is one of the most accessible mobile trading application in the world with which you can receive free streaming real-time stock quotes with integrated charts, commentary and breaking market news.

5. Total for iPad


iPad Business Apps

With WinTotal or Total 2011 you can coordinate your files directly from your iPad or can begin working on a new report. With iPad’s in-built GPS and mapping tool, you can accurately map your subject and your comparables’ addresses are then scrubbed against the GeoData servers.

6. WebEx for iPad


iPad Business Apps
You can now experience the meeting Live with good quality audio and data on your iPad. In addition, get new features like HD quality, streaming 2-way video that takes mobile web conferencing to an upgraded level.

7. FileMaker Go for iPad


iPad Business Apps

You can accomplish any task easily on your iPad with the help of FileMaker Go. Use this app to manage project or document details when you are closing sales deals on the road, prepare research notes on field, or simply check inventory in the warehouse.

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In business/productivity app, I’d like to recommend a great one which integrated an interesting concept; saving time from your notes. This app, Beesy, generates automatically a ToDo list from a smart note taking. Also, the advantage is you can esasily send your minutes by email. I love testing new business/ productivity apps such as Evernote, Penutilmate, Omnifocus, Awesome but it’s the first time I see an app so well done. I recommend Beesy for people which often have meetings.

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