Tips For A Successful Idea Pitch

Show your managers that you are ready for that big pay rise and promotion by pitching your ideas. Make sure you are fully prepared beforehand so that your ideas are taken seriously. Get this right and you might soon be the one hearing the pitches. When this happens, make sure you have attended our Management Training and Leadership Training courses to ensure you are fully trained for your new position.

As an employee, your probability of advancing in your company is based on a variety of things.  Showing initiative, coming up with original ideas, and demonstrating your willingness to aid the company and other employees in every way possible.  To combine all of these actions into developing and pitching your own idea is to truly show the company your drive and dedication.  With this in mind, simply throwing out an idea will not impress your managers.  A good idea pitch needs to be well thought out and carried out in a way that displays your commitment to your idea.

Do Your Research

Before bringing your ideas into the boardroom, you must do your homework.  Consider not only what needs this idea will be satisfying, but what will make it so vital.  Will it save the company money?  Will it benefit your customers in a way that current products do not?  Does it have the potential to save the employees’ time?  By considering all of these, and other, questions, you will come up with a structure to base your speech off of.


Practice as if you are pitching to the Dragons.

Also, while thinking of these criteria, go over every possible scenario in your head.  Chances are your managers will have a lot of questions and you want to already have that information ready for them.  By preparing before you speak, you will come off looking more prepared and therefore be taken more seriously by everyone in the room.

Start Off on the Right Foot

When everyone comes in for the pitch, greet them with eye contact and a smile.  This shows your confidence and will make people more comfortable with what you are saying.  This will also help people feel a connection to you and get them personally invested.  Once they all sit, introduce yourself by name.  Speaking calmly and clearly will make your pitch easier to understand and make people pay more attention.

Take them on a Journey

Once inside the meeting, start off by identifying the problem you found.  Take your bosses on a journey with you by explaining what you found and what your idea can do to remedy the problem at hand.  Remember, most people have a very self fulfilling mindset and are curious what this product can do for them.  By answering that question early on, you’ll have them more intrigued and they will be more focused on what you are saying after that.

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Don’t forget to include plenty of facts.  Using concrete numbers will work towards your advantage.  Any graphic that makes this information easy to see and analyze is a bonus.  Graphs and charts that can be understood with a quick glance will be a benefit your pitch.

Making a successful idea pitch may be intimidating, but with research, hard work, and a belief in yourself, you can have the confidence to carry it out.  With these tips and your own dedication, you can go into any sales pitch knowing you can succeed.

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