How To Best Motivate Your Employees

Top ways to motivate your staff without having to add an extra 0 to their salaries:

How to Motivate Employees

If you run your own business or you are in charge of the running of a team within a company then your most important task is to get the most from your employees. A happy workforce equals better productivity and an all-round more pleasant environment. Nobody wants to dread coming to work every day whether you are the director or an intern, everybody wants to feel motivated and enjoy what they do. Here are some tips on what you can do to ensure that your employees enjoy their jobs.

Provide Quality Training

A lack of good, coherent training can be a major factor in an employee feeling overwhelmed by their workload and make them dread coming to work as they begin to feel that they are in over their heads. This problem can be avoided by providing new starts to your company with full and extensive, easy to follow training on every aspect of their job. They should be assured that it is okay if they don’t immediately understand everything. This will put them at ease and when they eventually have a full understanding of their duties then they will feel more confident and look forward to coming to work knowing that they can tackle any challenge that faces them.

Don’t Let Them Become Another Number

The larger your company and the more staff you employ the easier it is for employees to feel that they are just another number and that they have lost their individual identity. This can have an adverse effect on morale and productivity as employees will begin to believe that what they do doesn’t matter or have an effect on the company. To avoid this situation you should ensure that you show your employees plenty of recognition when they achieve something or perform to a consistently high standard. Too often directors and managers will only point out areas that their employees have made mistakes in, this is obviously necessary although it is equally important to single out an individual for praise when a task is performed successfully. This can be implemented in the form of individual recognition in weekly team meetings or employee of the month awards.

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Set Out a Clear Career Plan

Every employee wants to know that their career is going somewhere and so it is important that you lay out a clear picture of their future. This should include potential promotion opportunities and regular salary increases. The bottom line is that people will always want to earn more money and to feel like they are progressing, there is no surer way for staff morale to fall than a feeling that they have gone as far as they can and that they have no opportunity to earn a raise.

A Good Environment Goes a Long Way

Many employers overlook the importance of providing their employees with a pleasant and comfortable working environment. If your employees have nice, comfortable surroundings then they will feel better about coming into work every day, just as if the working environment is unpleasant then this will have the reverse effect. Providing employees with quality and comfortable furniture may seem like a small thing but these are the things that they will be using on a daily basis and often it is the small things that make a difference.

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