The Importance of a Project Managers Soft Skills

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Soft Skills

A project manager has to get things done, that’s their job, but they use the skills and hard work of others to get there. So project managers have to have very good people skills and also do it with a good manner and style. These sets of attributes are called ‘Soft Skills’ and here are some examples of them –

  1. Leadership – This is throughout the whole team and also individuals.
  2. Communication – A project manager must have both good written and speaking skills, you don’t want to put yourself across poorly because of bad communication skills.
  3. Resolve Conflicts – In all walks of life there are bound to be conflict, whether its between yourself and someone else or between other employees, the big thing is that you have to know how to sort it out for the better of the business.
  4. The Negotiator – Project managers must have great negotiation skills as they need to persuade people above and below them.
  5. Be Influential – A good project manager knows people in high places, this can help build bridges between departments and also speed things along when decisions need to be made.
  6. Delegate – You need to be able to delegate jobs to employees successfully, this involves knowing the plus and minus points of each employee.

These are just a few important skills a good project manager has, there are of course plenty more.

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