Productivity Tips: How to Get More Work Done on your Computer in Less Time

Computer ClockComputers were designed to help us be more productive at work, but occasionally, they can turn into terrible time wasters. Do you want to end the cycle of wasted time at your computer? These handy productivity tips can help you get more work done, in less time than ever before.

1. Stay Focused.
It may sound simple, but the best way to get more done while working online is to simply stay focused. Often, when people sit down to work, they get easily distracted by a plethora of other things to do online. Always remember, when it is time to work, WORK.

Seth Godin, who has taught millions to be more productive and successful online, agrees that this is crucial to work success. “If you’re going to work, work hard,” says Godin. “That way, you’ll have something to show for it.”

2. Avoid Distractions.
This goes hand in hand with the above tip. Set aside a portion of your day for computer work and just before you start, eliminate the distractions. Turn off your television, close out the live scoring tab, sign-out of your instant message accounts. If you can, even avoid replying to text messages or answering personal calls. If you spend your work time actually working, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the other things later.

3. Keep Off Social Media.
Social media can be a wonderful asset to your online productivity, but many times, it can be just as big of a hindrance. Even if you work for an online marketing company, it is important to stay in control of your use of Facebook and Twitter.

Keeping up with your friends on social networks is a 24/7 experience…there is almost always someone posting new content. Resist the urge to check status updates or timelines all day long. When you have wrapped up a productive work session, you will be able to take the time to enjoy catching up with all your friends and family online.

4. Stop Checking Your Email Every Five Minutes.
Unless your job is extremely time sensitive, you have no legitimate reason to check your email every five minutes. Watching your inbox constantly is a terribly easy habit to fall into, but it can be broken! Schedule set times to check your inbox and reply to your messages. Another helpful productivity tip is to deactivate the incoming mail pop-up notification. It will save dozens of minutes each day as you will no longer be tempted to read every email as soon as it comes into your inbox.

5. Track How You Spend Your Time Online.
If you really want to get serious about being more productive online, start tracking how you spend your time. There are dozens of free and premium time tracking applications available for all major computer platforms, and with their help, you will be able to easily see at a glance how you are using your time. Be warned, you might not like the results. You might be surprised to see how many hours of your day you squander away needlessly.

6. Take Breaks.
One of the most overlooked ways to increase your productivity online is to actually step away from the computer for regular breaks. Assuming that you have been productive during your work day, it is a very good idea to step away from the computer every few hours. Stretch your legs, take a deep breath, get a cup of coffee, and rest your brain cells for a couple of minutes. You will return refreshed and ready to tackle the next thing on your to-do list.

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