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Tips For A Successful Idea Pitch

Show your managers that you are ready for that big pay rise and promotion by pitching your ideas. Make sure you are fully prepared beforehand so that your ideas are taken seriously. Get this right and you might soon be the one hearing the pitches. When this happens, make sure you have attended our Management Training and Leadership Training courses to ensure you are fully trained for your new position.

As an employee, your probability of advancing in your company is based on a variety of things.  Showing initiative, coming up with original ideas, and demonstrating your willingness to aid the company and other employees in every way possible.  To combine all of these actions into developing and pitching your own idea is to truly show the company your drive and dedication.  With this in mind, simply throwing out an idea will not impress your managers.  A good idea pitch needs to be well thought out and carried out in a way that displays your commitment to your idea.

Do Your Research

Before bringing your ideas into the boardroom, you must do your homework.  Consider not only what needs this idea will be satisfying, but what will make it so vital.  Will it save the company money?  Will it benefit your customers in a way that current products do not?  Does it have the potential to save the employees’ time?  By considering all of these, and other, questions, you will come up with a structure to base your speech off of.


Practice as if you are pitching to the Dragons.

Also, while thinking of these criteria, go over every possible scenario in your head.  Chances are your managers will have a lot of questions and you want to already have that information ready for them.  By preparing before you speak, you will come off looking more prepared and therefore be taken more seriously by everyone in the room. Read the rest of “Tips For A Successful Idea Pitch”

Work Motivation and How to Inspire Employees

You don’t need to sell what an effect work motivation can be to a team on a project. When you consider improved morale, lower turnover and an increase in production leading to higher profits, it’s impossible to imagine motivation in the work place being a low priority.

You could hire an office coach to come in and through a seminar attempt to inspire work motivation via a quote or a simple speech, but as a manager there are things you can do on a daily basis that will sustain work motivation indefinitely; let’s go over a few.

You Are An Example


You are a walking, talking, breathing example of how to be treated. That is to say, how you act and work determines largely how others perceive and treat you. You can set a good example by being excited about your own job; this enthusiasm is infectious and fun to be around so you are sure to attract your team to improved work motivation and job satisfaction.

One cannot remain motivated without a clear goal and you can help your team with effective management. Make clear the goals and expectations you have in measurable time; say “in one month I would like our team to streamline our brainstorming sessions.” This way when something is achieved, there is clear motivation to succeed again since the feeling of success is addictive. Read the rest of “Work Motivation and How to Inspire Employees”

10 Top Tips for the Perfect Pitch

When embarking on a career in management, 99% of the time you have to start from the bottom. This means that you will spend a lot of times reporting and presenting to senior management, stakeholders and clients. Communication skills – covered on our Management Training course – are important to successful pitching. If your pitch or important meeting is looming fast and you don’t have time to attend a course, here are 10 top tips for the perfect pitch from our guest blogger…

Presenting an idea at a meeting can be a daunting prospect. Weeks or months of preparation, all riding on a few minutes’ performance, is enough to intimidate the most seasoned business person. So how can you go into the meeting with confidence? We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips to help you deliver the perfect pitch and meeting!

Preparation, preparation, preparation…


by tim caynes

Preparation is the key, making sure you know your facts and figures in particular. Watching Dragons’ Den contestants crumble when asked for their forecast margins is painful, and you don’t want that to happen to you. Rehearse until you have memorised every detail, then relax and get excited about sharing your wonderful idea. Read the rest of “10 Top Tips for the Perfect Pitch”

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