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Don’t Forget the Importance of a Team Brief

In the 90s and 00s, holding team briefs was an essential part of a manager’s role and a regular feature of office life. Since the rise in popularity of cloud computing and remote working, briefings are much more likely to be done digitally – and opportunities are being missed by managers who have forgotten the benefits that a proper meeting can give the whole team.

A team brief is an opportunity to discuss issues and change from the very top of the business down to smaller issues within the team. The open nature of the meeting worries some managers, who feel that imparting information via email can save them time.

Regular face-to-face briefings with your teams are still important opportunities to check in, give and gather information and – most importantly – to gauge understanding.

Management training will teach you both time management and effective communication skills. In particular, taking a course in management skills for new managers will mean guidance in which methods of communication are more appropriate for the situation, to ensure the understanding and support of your team.

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Performance Objectives Just Got SMARTA

SMARTA appraisal objectivesThe SMART framework has long been used by managers for effective goal setting in performance appraisals. Even better is our version - SMARTA – the A being essential for staff buy-in of the objectives you set. An appraisal would be nothing without objective setting, and each of these needs to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Trackable and Agreed with the individual.

In each appraisal you’ll come up with several objectives covering some or all of project/task objectives, performance improvements and personal development goals. Each of these should be considered with SMARTA in mind to ensure understanding and willingness from both parties. You will receive comprehensive training on this and other staff management subjects on a management skills for new managers course.

In this post we will be using Daisy from Marketing as an example of applying the SMARTA objectives to performance appraisals.

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5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Internship

internships-trainingAn internship lasts anywhere between a month to a year, but regardless of the duration of time it lasts, it is a guarantee it will not last forever. You will need to know how to get the most out of your internship program for it to benefit you in the long run; otherwise, it will just be a matter of offering your services for free, or for a small fee, without necessarily gaining anything in return.

At the very least, an internship program should be viewed as an opportunity for employment, the same way most companies view interns. Most internship programs have acted as very effective career builders by providing interns with exciting new career opportunities that they had never considered previously. But how do you get the most out of your time as an intern? Read the rest of “5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Internship”

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