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When Apple Get it Wrong (They Still Get it Right)

Bad AppleFew companies have survived as many hardships as Apple. From the successful early days to the failure of the Newton, their unsuccessful battle in the PC market, and the re-imagining of the company as a specialist in easy to use consumer electronics. Along the way, Apple has suffered several PR disasters. One of the most memorable ones was the ill-advised decision to slash the price of the 8GB iPhone, and to kill the 4GB model, just two months after they were released on market.

What sets Apple apart from other companies is that Apple managed to use crisis communications to turn what could have been a crippling PR disaster into a flurry of publicity. Yes, tech bloggers called it a PR disaster and enthusiasts and early adopters cursed the company at every opportunity, but the end result was a positive outcome for Apple. Their PRs used crisis management training to make sure that everyone, yes, everyone, knew about Apple and knew that the iPhone had been given a price cut. They did this by staying out of the buzz. There was no damage control, no threats, and no backtracking. They let the bloggers, the evangelists, and the journalists do the talking until Steve Jobs himself stepped up to make a statement.

An Open Letter to the Early Adopters

Steve Jobs responded with some picture-perfect crisis communications, and acted well from a customer service point of view too. Read the rest of “When Apple Get it Wrong (They Still Get it Right)”

Productivity Tips: How to Get More Work Done on your Computer in Less Time

Computer ClockComputers were designed to help us be more productive at work, but occasionally, they can turn into terrible time wasters. Do you want to end the cycle of wasted time at your computer? These handy productivity tips can help you get more work done, in less time than ever before.

1. Stay Focused.
It may sound simple, but the best way to get more done while working online is to simply stay focused. Often, when people sit down to work, they get easily distracted by a plethora of other things to do online. Always remember, when it is time to work, WORK.

Seth Godin, who has taught millions to be more productive and successful online, agrees that this is crucial to work success. “If you’re going to work, work hard,” says Godin. “That way, you’ll have something to show for it.” Read the rest of “Productivity Tips: How to Get More Work Done on your Computer in Less Time”

Reducing Employee Turnover – 5 Top Tips

ResignationHigh employee turnover is a costly problem for businesses. Not only does the actual process of losing staff and then finding, hiring and training replacements cost money but it decreases productivity.

Long term staff are better for a business as they are fully trained, have developed working relationships with clients and other staff and most importantly – know what they are doing. Hiring new staff can be risky as no matter how well you vet applicants, bad employees do slip through the net. This can be damaging to productivity and the trust of clients. You also don’t want staff leaving and taking possible trade secrets or clients with them!

Despite all of this many companies do have high employee turn over so here are 5 Top Tips for reducing it.

  • Think before you hire
  • Create a pleasant working environment
  • Balance workloads
  • Reward employees
  • Conduct exit interviews

Are you listening to your staff? Here are some Active Listening Tips to help you!

Think before you hire

The number one reason for losing employees is because businesses haven’t taken enough care when hiring them. Fully vet every applicant with multiple interviews and make sure they fit into your business. Make sure you follow up references and scour their work history. If they haven’t lasted very long at any other companies why would they stick around at yours?

Read the rest of “Reducing Employee Turnover – 5 Top Tips”

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