Who Are Millennials and How Do You Deal With Them?

The “Millennials” or “Generation Y” are those who have grown up with in the digital age. Often referred to as the offspring of the post-war baby boomers, this generation have had access to technology from an early age and so learning how to use a new mobile or computer can take seconds. For some of the older generation who grew up without the internet and smartphones, adapting to rapidly changing technology and the attitudes of “millennials” can be difficult. As mangers are usually more experienced and older, they may face challenges when hiring young upstarts who are used to rapid changes and think they know everything.

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Beefing Up Your Millennial Skills

Millennials have a bad reputation for a lot of things, and much of this reputation is exaggerated by frustrated older workers who simply don’t understand why a group of people ten to fifteen years younger than they are would think very differently than they do. While much of the issue concerns technology, some of it concerns how different generations see the same technologies. If you feel like you’ve been talking to Millennials through a string connected by a couple of old cans, this brief primer may shed some light on how they see the world.

Everything is Changing Rapidly

For Millennials, the world has always been in a state of constant change. They were born and raised in an era where a person could type in some code and be a millionaire a few months later — or so it seemed. While a lot of the natural energy of youth is accessible in this group, they expect things to change rapidly that they can come across as being short-sighted by more experienced individuals. While you might be frustrated at this generation’s lack of plans, keep in mind that no one is born a planner. With your help, they can learn to plan better.

Technology is Everywhere and Everything

Technology is a major part of the Millennial lifestyle. From the moment they wake up until they fall asleep, they have constant access to all sorts of high-tech equipment. Everything from planning a trip to meeting their mates to getting hired happens online. As the Accounting Principals finance staffing agency has learned, for example, the urge to be online constantly is one that can be overcome with practice. However, it can also be nurtured and used to your company’s advantage. If you’ve been used to working in more traditional ways, a great jumping off point for relating to Millennials better is to ask them a question such as, “How would you solve this particular problem?” Focusing on results over methods can be a great way to leverage a Millennial’s greatest strength and build their confidence.

Constant Feedback Is Necessary

Millennials were often raised by parents who were constantly nearby, and as such, this is a generation that likes constant feedback. While this can be frustrating, it can also produce extremely rapid improvements. Work on figuring out an individual’s greatest strength, and help them to grow it still further until their skills are as sharp as scalpels.

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