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Organisations very often recognise the challenge of asking their people to change shortly after an implementation has started. New approaches and systems are expected to go in unopposed but when that doesn’t happen, project teams scramble to patch up the situation with hasty communications – which are often ineffective. Despite that reality many businesses still do not invest in change management activity because they are not given priority as objectives for the project.

In today’s continually changing world, managing people change is a vital skill. This Change Management training course provides delegates with both these essential skills and a also provides a solid framework for successfully managing people change.

Change Management Course Objectives

This Change Management Course enables delegates to:

  • Recognise the vital role that people play in successful business transformation.
  • Discuss the core challenges in managing people change, and ensuring that change is sustained.
  • Understand and apply key steps to successfully manage people change.
  • Apply people management skills to projects and programmes to effectively manage behavioural changes.

Change Management Course Content

Introduction to Change

  • Why does change fail?
  • How do people react to change?
  • The impact and consequences of change.

Cultural Change

  • What is involved in changing a cultural paradigm?
  • How you can characterise a culture using a Cultural Web?
  • How do national cultures differ?
  • How cultural diversity shapes corporate cultures.

Preparing for Change

  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Developing a Case for Change.
  • Assessing readiness for change.
  • Assessing concerns and resistance to change.
  • Establishing an appropriate Change Management governance structure.

Change Management Plan

  • Developing a change management plan.
  • Defining the principles on which the change will be managed.
  • Developing a Communication strategy and plan.
  • Change Agents.
  • Aligning with the project or programme plan.
  • Creating a reinforcing change process.

Initiating and Sustaining Change

  • Managing the challenges that arise in initiating and sustaining change.
  • Training programmes.
  • Aligning the organisation.
  • Continuous improvement.

Change Management Training Course Prerequisites

This Change Management training course is for Project Managers, Business and IT executives, managers  and team managers who will be involved in managing people change.

3 Reviews

4 / 5 stars

Putting concept into context, small group hence good participation.

4.5 / 5 stars

The course was informal – talking about real life as apposed to theory.

5 / 5 stars

Very tailored to individual requirements.

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