4 Tested Ways To Increase Employee Productivity

Over the years, ideas about keeping employees productive have definitely changed. While some people from the old school of thought believe that a tight ship increases employee productivity, more and more studies have shown that the key to productive employees lies in happy and valued hires who look forward to attending work each day. Motivation comes from encouragement, great relationships and a comfortable work environment, and as a manager it can be your job to provide these things.

How to Increase Employee Productivity

Set The Tone

From the very first moment that you hire on a new member of your team, set the tone that productivity is expected and rewarded. Ensure your staff members have the resources that they need to meet deadlines and to prove themselves as useful members of your companies’ workforce. The overall tone in your office should be one of comfort, but expectation equally. Challenge your employees by brainstorming with them for solutions to common workplace problems. Allow your employees to be heard.

Communication skills are important when managing teams. The better you communicate, the more likely that your staff will do exactly what you ask.

Offer Incentives

When you find useful staff members that you can rely on, show them your appreciation with things they can use. A company lunch is nice, but not nearly as beneficial as a proactive group insurance package after an initial probation period. For staff who stick it out and prove their worth, the benefits that come with reliable employee perks are likely to keep your most excellent staff right where they belong, working to improve your business every step of the way.

Stop the Stagnant Sellers

If your team is bored of the same duties day in and day out, or they’re not feeling challenged to use their skill set, they’re more likely to leave work feeling dissatisfied at the end of the day. By giving your staff appropriate challenges each week, you encourage growth in your industry as well as a unique learning environment for your staff. Consider funding the top members of your staff to go to workshops, seminars or other learning days outside the office to provide an educational break which will prove useful for your company or business. Providing these types of skill sets to your staff will keep your team ahead of the game in every undertaking, and help your company grow in ways you may never have imagined.

Set a Game Plan

If you’re seeing a drop in employee productivity, come up with a game plan that you can employ to reverse the trend. Hold a meeting with senior staff members to help them feel included and appreciated, and to brainstorm some ideas that may aid your staff from the ground up. Your business family is important, and as such they should feel important. The best way to do this is to take all opinions into consideration before implementing a new productivity plan.

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Tyler Murphy says:

Thanks for this article, improving employee productivity can sometimes be tough – being motivational and motivating your team can be really beneficial. Also team trips, weekends away for team building can be really useful, by being respectful and trusting them – will allow and make them want to perform better.

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