Employee Incentives to Motivate Staff

Keeping your employees motivated is an extremely tough job. Finding out what makes them tick and how to get the absolute best out of them may be something that you pick up through experience or through Management Training, but if you want to run an incentive to reward your employees what is the best route to take? This guest post explores some effective methods of motivating staff through incentive schemes. 

employee-incentivesWhile there is the pure joy in the satisfaction of doing a job well, employee incentives can go a long way to making your staff motivated and giving them a target and feeling of self worth inside of a company. While these employee incentives can take number of different forms, be they financial or responsibility based, it’s important for management to monitor their incentive schemes that motivate their employees to perform at their peak consistently to give the business the edge. Good work from an employee means that the business provides a better service for its clients and therefore the company will produce more profits. These are seen by employees who wish to know what their slice of the pie is, and this should be a keen focus for all successful businesses.

So what are the best incentives and perks that a company can offer its staff to bring out the best? We take a look at some of the options in the business world to discover what incentives really motivate employees to produce their best work and go the extra mile each and every day.

Employee Incentives for Top Performers

  • Gift Prizes for Top Performers – While this can take the basic form of a cash bonus based on work done or even an employee incentive of a paid holiday given to the worker and his/her family, this benefit is one often used in the modern business system. However due to the competition between workers, this incentive may cause morale issues if used in the wrong way by causing divisions between staff members. Solid bonuses given across the board to teams in the form of cash bonuses or holidays can pull a team close together to work to a common goal.
  • Working Benefits – Offering employees who consistently perform in a correct and productive manner the option of flexible working hours can be a very welcome incentive for employees. Being able to take the time out to do personal chores during work hours and working the time in can be something that employees really appreciate and it creates a feeling of trust between management and staff. Health benefits of a good medical aid subsidy scheme can also show an employee that you value their health, cutting down their end of month costs while costing the company less in the long term.
  • Out of Office Perks – Corporate memberships are an employee incentive that are often undervalued as they can not only improve employee motivation but also can create a good public image of your company if at a well regarding institution. Think of Dinner Clubs and special memberships that you would use for entertaining clients and offer same perks to your staff. They will appreciate the special treatment and also give a special place for socialising outside of the office.

These are 3 of the greatest employee incentive programmes offered by companies throughout the world. These will not only guarantee your staff produce their best but ensure that the office is a pleasant environment with a positive vibe for business to flourish.

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