Top 10 Excuses for Being Late for Work

First things first, we don’t recommend any of the excuses in this post! They are meant as a light-hearted look at the excuses used by employees to get out of turning up to work on time. Instead, we recommend good time management.

Time Management Training

You won’t always get lucky!

Getting in late to the office usually leads to grief from your manager. Perhaps understandably, they want to know why you weren’t sitting at your desk at 9am, or preferably 8.30, and full of the joys of spring. You need an excuse: a good one.  The problem is, most of them have been used before and are about as transparent as the guilty look on your face. You need something better.

Here we bring you five classic excuses, followed by five for use only in extreme situations:

Classic excuse: Traffic problems

Here’s an easy one to get you started.  This one is believable because it happens to everyone now and again – as long as you don’t drive the same route as your manager!  The best tactic is to vary the specific reasons – road works, an accident, unexplained tailbacks – and throw in some added extras such as a mangled Ford or a contra-flow system.

A word of warning though – don’t overdo the details or you’ll having the boss scanning the news for more!

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Productivity Tips: How to Get More Work Done on your Computer in Less Time

Computer ClockComputers were designed to help us be more productive at work, but occasionally, they can turn into terrible time wasters. Do you want to end the cycle of wasted time at your computer? These handy productivity tips can help you get more work done, in less time than ever before.

1. Stay Focused.
It may sound simple, but the best way to get more done while working online is to simply stay focused. Often, when people sit down to work, they get easily distracted by a plethora of other things to do online. Always remember, when it is time to work, WORK.

Seth Godin, who has taught millions to be more productive and successful online, agrees that this is crucial to work success. “If you’re going to work, work hard,” says Godin. “That way, you’ll have something to show for it.” Read the rest of “Productivity Tips: How to Get More Work Done on your Computer in Less Time”

Using mobile task management apps to manage your workload

Mobile Task Management

The to-do list is an essential workload managing tool without which any form of time management is lost. Many people have upgraded from the traditional paper to-do list (post-it notes) to a desktop based app that can be synced with email accounts and calendars. This is all very well but what about when you are away from your desk? Step in the mobile to-do list app!

Managers are very busy people and need a system in place to help effectively manage their time. It is well worth looking into a mobile to-do list as a way of continuing your time and people management when away from the office.

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