The Face of Business is Changing With Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding for small businessesTen years ago, someone with a brilliant (or not so brilliant) business idea had to jump through some major hoops to apply for a business loan or convince an investor to part with their cash.

When the downturn started, those hoops got harder, leaving many wannabe-entrepreneurs with no way to get their projects off the ground.

Enter crowdfunding. Websites like Kickstarter and Crowdfunder allow you to ask members of the public to donate towards the amount you need to get your project off the ground. In return for their donations, they get a product, service, credit or investment or simply the great feeling of helping a new business make a start. You choose the amount to donate and the reward is proportionate.

Investment is not the only thing you need to start a business. As you bring people in to fulfil your promises to investors, management skills for new managers training is vital to make sure your team are happy and productive. Running a business also requires strong leadership skills, which are distinct from management techniques.

Takeaways from Crowdfunding Success Stories

Entrepeneurs/Small Businesses – Clang

Take the example of Clang’s page on Kickstarter – it is fairly self-explanatory of their success. Their pitch is technical and persuasive, yet accessible – the perfect marketing tactic. The ideas-man, Neal Stephenson, establishes himself as an expert in the first sentence, gives his main sales point (“these could be more fun”) and a call to action (“time for a revolution”). I’m convinced. Read the rest of “The Face of Business is Changing With Crowdfunding”

Employee Incentives to Motivate Staff

Keeping your employees motivated is an extremely tough job. Finding out what makes them tick and how to get the absolute best out of them may be something that you pick up through experience or through Management Training, but if you want to run an incentive to reward your employees what is the best route to take? This guest post explores some effective methods of motivating staff through incentive schemes. 

employee-incentivesWhile there is the pure joy in the satisfaction of doing a job well, employee incentives can go a long way to making your staff motivated and giving them a target and feeling of self worth inside of a company. While these employee incentives can take number of different forms, be they financial or responsibility based, it’s important for management to monitor their incentive schemes that motivate their employees to perform at their peak consistently to give the business the edge. Good work from an employee means that the business provides a better service for its clients and therefore the company will produce more profits. These are seen by employees who wish to know what their slice of the pie is, and this should be a keen focus for all successful businesses.

So what are the best incentives and perks that a company can offer its staff to bring out the best? We take a look at some of the options in the business world to discover what incentives really motivate employees to produce their best work and go the extra mile each and every day. Read the rest of “Employee Incentives to Motivate Staff”