4 Tested Ways To Increase Employee Productivity

Over the years, ideas about keeping employees productive have definitely changed. While some people from the old school of thought believe that a tight ship increases employee productivity, more and more studies have shown that the key to productive employees lies in happy and valued hires who look forward to attending work each day. Motivation comes from encouragement, great relationships and a comfortable work environment, and as a manager it can be your job to provide these things.

How to Increase Employee Productivity

Set The Tone

From the very first moment that you hire on a new member of your team, set the tone that productivity is expected and rewarded. Ensure your staff members have the resources that they need to meet deadlines and to prove themselves as useful members of your companies’ workforce. The overall tone in your office should be one of comfort, but expectation equally. Challenge your employees by brainstorming with them for solutions to common workplace problems. Allow your employees to be heard.

Communication skills are important when managing teams. The better you communicate, the more likely that your staff will do exactly what you ask.

Offer Incentives

When you find useful staff members that you can rely on, show them your appreciation with things they can use. A company lunch is nice, but not nearly as beneficial as a proactive group insurance package after an initial probation period. For staff who stick it out and prove their worth, the benefits that come with reliable employee perks are likely to keep your most excellent staff right where they belong, working to improve your business every step of the way. Read the rest of “4 Tested Ways To Increase Employee Productivity”

Employee Incentives to Motivate Staff

Keeping your employees motivated is an extremely tough job. Finding out what makes them tick and how to get the absolute best out of them may be something that you pick up through experience or through Management Training, but if you want to run an incentive to reward your employees what is the best route to take? This guest post explores some effective methods of motivating staff through incentive schemes. 

employee-incentivesWhile there is the pure joy in the satisfaction of doing a job well, employee incentives can go a long way to making your staff motivated and giving them a target and feeling of self worth inside of a company. While these employee incentives can take number of different forms, be they financial or responsibility based, it’s important for management to monitor their incentive schemes that motivate their employees to perform at their peak consistently to give the business the edge. Good work from an employee means that the business provides a better service for its clients and therefore the company will produce more profits. These are seen by employees who wish to know what their slice of the pie is, and this should be a keen focus for all successful businesses.

So what are the best incentives and perks that a company can offer its staff to bring out the best? We take a look at some of the options in the business world to discover what incentives really motivate employees to produce their best work and go the extra mile each and every day. Read the rest of “Employee Incentives to Motivate Staff”