How to Brainstorm

How to brainstormThere are hundreds of different techniques that managers can use to get results and to solve problems.

Most of the time, the same or similar processes just have to be repeated and it’s a question of how often and how well. Other times, more creative solutions are needed.

Our management training courses are suitable for all levels and will help you know which techniques to use in different workplace situations.

A group brainstorming session is a very powerful way to unlock ideas – if properly organised and managed. Sometimes thought of as a ‘thought sharing’ session, this free flow of uncensored ideas is a brilliant way of generating original solutions to problems, or thinking of new ideas for change.

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Don’t Forget the Importance of a Team Brief

In the 90s and 00s, holding team briefs was an essential part of a manager’s role and a regular feature of office life. Since the rise in popularity of cloud computing and remote working, briefings are much more likely to be done digitally – and opportunities are being missed by managers who have forgotten the benefits that a proper meeting can give the whole team.

A team brief is an opportunity to discuss issues and change from the very top of the business down to smaller issues within the team. The open nature of the meeting worries some managers, who feel that imparting information via email can save them time.

Regular face-to-face briefings with your teams are still important opportunities to check in, give and gather information and – most importantly – to gauge understanding.

Management training will teach you both time management and effective communication skills. In particular, taking a course in management skills for new managers will mean guidance in which methods of communication are more appropriate for the situation, to ensure the understanding and support of your team.

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10 Top Tips for the Perfect Pitch

When embarking on a career in management, 99% of the time you have to start from the bottom. This means that you will spend a lot of times reporting and presenting to senior management, stakeholders and clients. Communication skills – covered on our Management Training course – are important to successful pitching. If your pitch or important meeting is looming fast and you don’t have time to attend a course, here are 10 top tips for the perfect pitch from our guest blogger…

Presenting an idea at a meeting can be a daunting prospect. Weeks or months of preparation, all riding on a few minutes’ performance, is enough to intimidate the most seasoned business person. So how can you go into the meeting with confidence? We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips to help you deliver the perfect pitch and meeting!

Preparation, preparation, preparation…


by tim caynes

Preparation is the key, making sure you know your facts and figures in particular. Watching Dragons’ Den contestants crumble when asked for their forecast margins is painful, and you don’t want that to happen to you. Rehearse until you have memorised every detail, then relax and get excited about sharing your wonderful idea. Read the rest of “10 Top Tips for the Perfect Pitch”