Managing Awkward People

managing awkward peopleIn the workplace you are always going to come up against awkward people, and unlike in your personal life you can’t just ignore them.

These are the people who seem to go out of their way to derail a project or create dysfunction in the office. There are a number of types to spot from the incompetent & indecisive to the control freak & villain. Common words include ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t’ and there is a distinct tendency to place the blame on others in every situation.

No matter how much you don’t like it, these people are a part of every team and every office and so it is better to learn how to deal with them rather than wasting time fighting them.

Many problems are caused by change but these can be negotiated with Change Management training. Our Leadership and Management Skills courses also have modules on dealing with uncooperative co-workers.

Use these tips to try and create harmony, rather than division, in your team.

Stay Action Focused

Awkward people enjoy two discussions: what went wrong in the past & what will go wrong in the future.

Neither discussion is useful and does little to move forward. Do not indulge in these conversations and seek to avoid them. Explain why you need to move forward and look to them for options. Read the rest of “Managing Awkward People”

4 Tested Ways To Increase Employee Productivity

Over the years, ideas about keeping employees productive have definitely changed. While some people from the old school of thought believe that a tight ship increases employee productivity, more and more studies have shown that the key to productive employees lies in happy and valued hires who look forward to attending work each day. Motivation comes from encouragement, great relationships and a comfortable work environment, and as a manager it can be your job to provide these things.

How to Increase Employee Productivity

Set The Tone

From the very first moment that you hire on a new member of your team, set the tone that productivity is expected and rewarded. Ensure your staff members have the resources that they need to meet deadlines and to prove themselves as useful members of your companies’ workforce. The overall tone in your office should be one of comfort, but expectation equally. Challenge your employees by brainstorming with them for solutions to common workplace problems. Allow your employees to be heard.

Communication skills are important when managing teams. The better you communicate, the more likely that your staff will do exactly what you ask.

Offer Incentives

When you find useful staff members that you can rely on, show them your appreciation with things they can use. A company lunch is nice, but not nearly as beneficial as a proactive group insurance package after an initial probation period. For staff who stick it out and prove their worth, the benefits that come with reliable employee perks are likely to keep your most excellent staff right where they belong, working to improve your business every step of the way. Read the rest of “4 Tested Ways To Increase Employee Productivity”

Performance Objectives Just Got SMARTA

SMARTA appraisal objectivesThe SMART framework has long been used by managers for effective goal setting in performance appraisals. Even better is our version - SMARTA – the A being essential for staff buy-in of the objectives you set. An appraisal would be nothing without objective setting, and each of these needs to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Trackable and Agreed with the individual.

In each appraisal you’ll come up with several objectives covering some or all of project/task objectives, performance improvements and personal development goals. Each of these should be considered with SMARTA in mind to ensure understanding and willingness from both parties. You will receive comprehensive training on this and other staff management subjects on a management skills for new managers course.

In this post we will be using Daisy from Marketing as an example of applying the SMARTA objectives to performance appraisals.

Read the rest of “Performance Objectives Just Got SMARTA”

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