Managing Change

Anne runs our popular Change Management courses in Brighton, helping businesses understand how to implement change with that has a lasting effect.

When planning and managing change, people often focus on the project plan and benefits the change will bring, without really thinking through what really creates change. Redesigning the organisational structure, giving people new titles, and producing slick presentations can help produce the illusion of change, but what’s really different?


Change comes about when people behave differently – and therein lays the difficulty in managing change. Most change programmes are logical in approach – actions are decided, milestones planned, fancy reporting graphs are prepared, and sometimes, just sometimes, success criteria and evidenced outcomes are identified. But how much of this leads to true change? Because this is the real issue – people are not rational. They may acknowledge the big ideas, the proposed benefits, and project plan, but what they are really interested in is “what’s in it for me?”, or even more often “what have I got to lose?”. Because deep down that’s what many people associate change with – loss. Read the rest of “Managing Change”