• managing-change

    Managing Change

    By | Published August 31, 2012

    Anne runs our popular Change Management courses in Brighton, helping businesses understand how to implement change with that has a lasting effect. When planning and managing change, people often focus on the project plan and benefits the change will bring, without really thinking through what really creates change. Redesigning the organisational structure, giving people new […]

  • Language of Leadership

    The Language of Leadership

    By | Published August 15, 2012

    In this post Laura Reed looks at 5 of the characteristics that make a great leader. Did you know that we run a 2-day Leadership workshop? Our course will help develop your leadership qualities and turn potential characteristics into established skills. Strong, effective leadership plays a vital role in business and in our personal lives. Some people seem […]

  • Crowdfunding for small businesses

    The Face of Business is Changing With Crowdfunding

    By | Published July 26, 2012

    Ten years ago, someone with a brilliant (or not so brilliant) business idea had to jump through some major hoops to apply for a business loan or convince an investor to part with their cash. When the downturn started, those hoops got harder, leaving many wannabe-entrepreneurs with no way to get their projects off the […]

  • How to brainstorm

    How to Brainstorm

    By | Published June 29, 2012

    There are hundreds of different techniques that managers can use to get results and to solve problems. Most of the time, the same or similar processes just have to be repeated and it’s a question of how often and how well. Other times, more creative solutions are needed. Our management training courses are suitable for […]

  • management-vs-leadership

    Leadership vs. Management – What’s the difference?

    By | Published May 28, 2012

    We strongly believe that leadership & management go hand in hand. A good manager needs leadership skills to perform and a good leader is nothing without a strong grasp of management techniques. However, the two are different concepts that are often muddled together as one. In this post I am going to look at what […]

  • managing awkward people

    Managing Awkward People

    By | Published May 14, 2012

    In the workplace you are always going to come up against awkward people, and unlike in your personal life you can’t just ignore them. These are the people who seem to go out of their way to derail a project or create dysfunction in the office. There are a number of types to spot from the incompetent […]

  • How to Increase Employee Productivity

    4 Tested Ways To Increase Employee Productivity

    By | Published May 7, 2012

    Over the years, ideas about keeping employees productive have definitely changed. While some people from the old school of thought believe that a tight ship increases employee productivity, more and more studies have shown that the key to productive employees lies in happy and valued hires who look forward to attending work each day. Motivation […]

  • managing-workplace-conflicts

    How to Resolve Workplace Conflicts without Taking Sides

    By | Published April 30, 2012

    As much as we hate to admit it, everyone at some point or another brings a personal issue to work. When personal issues start affecting professional behavior in the workplace, managers are presented with a particularly tough problem – especially when the issue is between two coworkers. It’s bound to happen, so it’s best to […]

  • communication-skills-training

    Management 101: How to Improve Your Communication Skills

    By | Published April 23, 2012

    It is safe to say that communication is the single most important thing there is when it comes to working with others, resolving conflicts, and spreading ideas and information. Therefore, as a manager, you simply cannot afford to overlook the importance of good communication. Communication skills are a vital tool for managers and so are […]

  • Team brief image

    Don’t Forget the Importance of a Team Brief

    By | Published April 2, 2012

    In the 90s and 00s, holding team briefs was an essential part of a manager’s role and a regular feature of office life. Since the rise in popularity of cloud computing and remote working, briefings are much more likely to be done digitally – and opportunities are being missed by managers who have forgotten the […]

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